Velox: Revolutionizing EOIR Camera Payloads for UAVs

EOIR Camera for UAVs

Velox is a cutting-edge EOIR camera designed for UAV applications, equipped with high-resolution visible and thermal cameras. It delivers outstanding imaging performance in any condition, with capabilities for night vision and motion detection. Its gyro-stabilized platform ensures unparalleled clarity and stability, even in demanding environments. With its fast angular velocity, Velox introduces advanced auto-tracking features, making it a crucial tool for aerial superiority in a compact, efficient package.

Panorama 5X3 500m EO

Superior Performance with Nanomotion Motors

Panorama image

Nanomotion motors offer exceptional acceleration and velocity, resulting in a highly efficient gyro-stabilized system that achieves an outstanding stabilization performance of 80 µrad.

Velox captures 6 full fields of view per second, allowing for a user-configurable matrix of images that can be stitched together in various configurations.

This flexibility, combined with Nanomotion’s compact motors and their reduced power consumption, offers a notable advantage in optimizing Size, Weight, and Power (SWAP) considerations.

Simplified Integration for Customers

The Velox was created to simplify the integration process for our customers. It is compatible with the Mavlink protocol and the Nvidia NX platform, ensuring that both electrical and mechanical integration are straightforward and hassle-free.

Velox: Revolutionizing EOIR Camera Payloads for UAVs

Expanding Our Sensing Payload Product Line

We are actively planning to broaden our sensing payload product line to introduce new products and enter to an additional markets.

This includes the development of even more compact payload options and the enhancement of features in our current product range.

The Velox: A Symbol of Innovation in UAV Technology

The Velox is more than just a product; it embodies our relentless pursuit of excellence in UAV technology. It delivers unparalleled performance and reliability, even in the most challenging environments. This dedication to quality and innovation ensures that the Velox remains a leader in the industry, setting new standards for EOIR camera payloads.

Nanomotion’s advanced gimbal technology marks a significant milestone in the quest for perfect motion control. Its unmatched stabilization performance, along with optimized SWAP characteristics, not only produces smooth, crystal-clear imagery but also enhances operational efficiency across diverse settings. With positive feedback from users and industry insiders alike, Nanomotion’s gimbal is heralded as a transformative asset, poised to lead the future of precision and stability in motion control systems.
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Utilizing proprietary technology, Nanomotion designs and manufactures complete motion solutions from start to finish.

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Nanomotion’s team boasts over 100 man-years of precision motion control experience. The true measure of reliability is to evaluate our motor performance on a system designed and manufactured by Nanomotion.

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