The Revolutionizing Insulin Pump: A Leap Forward in Diabetes Management

The revolutionizing Insulin Pump, is a collaboration between the pump manufacturer and Nanomotion, is set to change the game in diabetes care. FDA-approved and iPhone-controllable, this compact device promises precise insulin dosing thanks to Nanomotion’s advanced piezo technology. With its innovative design minimizing thermal exposure and electrode thickness, the Insulin pump offers reliability and efficiency in a user-friendly package. Get ready for its launch in Q1 2024 and experience the future of diabetes management.

the revolutionizing inulin pump
Family Day: Cherishing Every Moment.

This Family day, we want to say a big thank you not just to our hardworking employees but
also to their families. Your support, strength, and the sacrifices you’ve made are truly appreciated. It’s the love and support from family that helps our team members stay committed and overcome challenges.

Today, we’re celebrating the strong connections that tie us together, recognizing that both our work family and our home families are key to our success and happiness. Thank you for being with us on this journey and for all the ways you’ve helped make our community better and more connected.

Happy Family Day to all our employees and their families!

We also hope that this Family Day, families who are missing someone can be reunited. We wish for the safe return of loved ones who are in captivity right now. #BringThemHomeNow

Let’s all remember to appreciate our families and the love we share, not just on Family Day, but every day. Happy Family Day, everyone! Let’s keep supporting and caring for each other..

Industry Focus: The role of precision motion in Microscopy

Emerging applications in Life Science & Healthcare continue to represent a significant portion of the growth in the Microscopy market. The regenerative medicine industry, along with Optogenetics are utilizing new microscope platforms to be able to visualize, diagnose, and develop drugs/treatments at an increasing rate.

Regenerative medicine focuses on the generation and use of therapeutic stem cells and skin cells, as well as tissue/tissue engineering for the production of functional organs. Optogenetics uses light as a stimulus to control and monitor the activities of individual neurons in living tissue.

As the use of traditional optical microscopes have become limiting, applications in Digital Microscopy, Light Sheet Microscopy, Confocal Microscopy and others are incorporating precision motion systems to address new requirements. Higher resolution, increased magnification and other advanced features are being developed, based on the performance capabilities of precision motion control systems.


The ability to develop compact motion systems that can support an open frame design with embedded capabilities such as backlights and incubators are supporting a new generation of tabletop instruments.

The ability to develop compact motion systems that can support an open frame design with embedded capabilities such as backlights and incubators are supporting a new generation of tabletop instruments.

Nanomotion designs and manufactures OEM Microscope stage configurations providing XY motion, rapid Z axis focus for managing cell terrain and integrated XYZ-Tip-Tilt for leveling, focusing and scanning. Our ability to integrate our stages with our high performance motion controls allows us to reach a wide range of motion performance in a compact form factor.

Nanomotion has stage solutions for:

Lightsheet Microscopy
Scanning Electron Microscopy
Digital Microscopy

When disaster strikes, natural or man-made…

When borders need monitoring…

When search & rescue is required for missing persons…

Nanomotion’s Velox is providing unmatched visibility from above and within, to drone operators, based on Panoramic Scene Capture of (6) Full FOV/sec, with a user selectable matrix of N*M FOVs


Disasters, such as the collapse of a multi-story structure occurs, require emergency ground personnel rely on drones to perform search and rescue. As structures are not safe for ground personnel to enter, drones are deployed with both day & thermal imaging capability to search for survivors and other potential threats.


Environmental disasters, such as a Tsunami, Tornado, or Earthquake occurs, dictate the use of drones for providing essential visibility to identify victims, directing ground support to appropriate areas.

Nanomotion’s Velox provides unmatched performance for wide area assessment & terrain dominance based on its Panoramic capability and user configurable matrix. The Velox is gyro-stabilized so the EOIR cameras provide clear imagery, stabilizing to better than 80µradians.


Velox’s Wide Area Terrain Dominance is supporting applications in:

Border Protection

Nanomotion’s Velox – Two Axis Gyro Stabilized Payload for day and night surveillance

Velox carries a 12M pixel visible camera and an uncooled 640 x 512 uncooled IR camera.

Velox is controlled by Mavlink commands via Nvidia NX platform.

230°/sec angular velocity

Velox supports Video Output of:


Velox measures 71mm in diameter x 130mm high, weighing <430g.

Dynamic range of travel is ±174° Azimuth and -30° to +110° Elevation

Additional Information

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Nanomotion’s Technology

Nanomotion’s patented Ultrasonic Standing Wave motors provide unlimited linear and rotary motion.


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