Unmatched Precision: Nanomotion’s Gimbal Axis Use and Technology

In the rapidly evolving world of motion control systems Nanomotion leads in motion control with advanced gimbal technology. Designed to redefine precision and stability, Nanomotion’s gimbal system introduces a groundbreaking rotational motion mechanism. 2-axis gimbal control over azimuth (yaw) and elevation (pitch) is enabled by the company’s proprietary piezoelectric motors.
This advanced control system with piezoelectric motors provides fast, accurate, stabilized motion, setting new gimbal industry standards.

Gimbals for Drones Ensure Superior Image Quality

Velox: Precision in Motion for Commercial Applications.

Nanomotion’s gimbal technology stands out from the current offerings in the market, boasting unmatched stability.

Stability and speed enhance panoramic image quality for UAV use and gimbals for drones.

The motor’s response time is at least ten times quicker than its counterparts. This rapid response allows for real-time gyro reading and stabilization, facilitating the creation of panoramic image matrices of any size. Moreover, Nanomotion’s precise motors ensure unparalleled image clarity and detail.

A World Leader in Piezoelectric Motion Solutions

Nanomotion’s leadership in the field of piezoelectric motors and motion systems is undisputed. Nanomotion’s innovative motion solutions position it as a pioneer, adept at meeting current market demands and anticipating future trends. The core technologies and comprehensive motion systems Nanomotion develops are known for their stability, precision, high velocity, and acceleration. These attributes are exemplified in the Velox panorama image for UAVs and gimbals for drones.

2-Axis Gimbal

Versatile Applications Across Industries

The versatility of Nanomotion’s 2-axis gimbal extends its utility across a wide range of sectors, from industrial and commercial to scientific research. This sophisticated device plays a crucial role in stabilizing sensors or cameras, thereby finding applications in numerous critical areas including area dominance, thermal inspection, search and rescue, security and surveillance, UAV/robotic vision, navigation, automotive, and precision agriculture.

Such wide-ranging applicability underscores the gimbal’s pivotal contribution to various fields, enhancing operational capabilities and efficiency.

Optimizing Size, Weight, and Power (SWAP) Considerations

Nanomotion’s gimbal systems excel in steadiness, speed, and optimal size, weight, and energy efficiency (SWAP). This fine-tuning is essential for scenarios demanding minimal energy usage, like drones in route to their destinations without the need for stabilization. Moreover, reduced energy use when idle highlights the gimbal’s operational effectiveness and advanced design.

Future Prospects and Integration Capabilities

Looking ahead, Nanomotion’s motors are set to cater to a broader spectrum of gimbal applications, promising even greater versatility and integration capabilities. Controlled by the proprietary XCD controller, Nanomotion’s gimbals are effortlessly integrated into UAV systems, with support for MAVlink commands directly via the Nvidia platform. This ease of integration, combined with the gimbals’ unparalleled performance, positions Nanomotion’s technology as a preferred choice among professionals across commercial and defense sectors.

Nanomotion’s advanced gimbal technology marks a significant milestone in the quest for perfect motion control. Its unmatched stabilization performance, along with optimized SWAP characteristics, not only produces smooth, crystal-clear imagery but also enhances operational efficiency across diverse settings. With positive feedback from users and industry insiders alike, Nanomotion’s gimbal is heralded as a transformative asset, poised to lead the future of precision and stability in motion control systems.
For more information, please visit www.nanomotion.com or contact nano@nanomotion.com


Utilizing proprietary technology, Nanomotion designs and manufactures complete motion solutions from start to finish.

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Nanomotion’s team boasts over 100 man-years of precision motion control experience. The true measure of reliability is to evaluate our motor performance on a system designed and manufactured by Nanomotion.

For more information, please contact Nanomotion by email, call +1 (631) 585-3000,


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