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Industry Application

Many devices, that employ the use of sensors or a compass, can be negatively affected by the use of traditional magnetic motors. Applications that involve the use of a compass, in proximity to an MRI field, or are simply sensitive to weight/backlash, require the use of motors that do not utilize magnets. These applications that can benefit from the operational characticistics of a piezo motor that does not have magnets along with leveraging the simplicity of a traditional motor mounting.

Product Focus

ER-15 Series motors are applied in:

  • Hand-held target devices with motorized focus
  • Filter changing
  • Positioning in E-Beam / Ion Beam applications
  • Auto Focus in hyperspectral imaging
  • Medical pumps and dispensing
  • North finding

The ER-15 is a unique configuration with Nanomotion’s ultrasonic piezo elements mounted in a round body, with a bearing structure and optical encoder. It is designed to mount similarly to traditional dc motors, eliminating the need for a gearbox. The ER-15 offers:

  • Lower power consumption
  • Position holding/braking without power
  • Elimination of external gearboxes
  • Silent operation
  • Significantly reduced motor weight

Particularly in shutters and filter changers that have used bi-stable solenoids or dc motors, the ER15 does not suffer from a current surge to overcome the static holding, making it significantly more power efficient and extending battery life.

In addition to defense applications the ER15 is well suited to applications in Semiconductor and Medical equipment where traditional permanent magnet rotary motors are not suitable due to gearing and noise.

A linear assembly used for positioning an optical device is mounted to a portable mechanism and must hold position under 30g’s of vibration. Using an ER-15 coupled to a screw, we provide significant weight reduction and the ability to function under high vibration while holding position.


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