Custom Made Stages

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Manufacturing over 1000 axes per year with 35% as custom motion solutions, Nanomotion is the leader in linear and rotary stages utilizing ceramic servo motors. From the motor to the motion platform to the drive and control, Nanomotion will provide you with the complete motion solution for your project.

Custom Made Stages

What we offer:

  • Experienced engineering staff to design a solution that meets your needs to perfection. Whether it’s our standard motion stages or a made-to-order solution, our engineering staff is here to help you meet your motion requirements.
  • Project management: Our project managers take ownership of every motion solution project to insure that all project activities are coordinated, that milestones are met on time, that communications flow smoothly, and that you receive exactly the system that meets your goals.
  • In-house design engineering, including electrical design, mechanical design, servo motion programming, operator interface programming, technical consulting
  • Professional manufacturing: in-house manufacturing floor and clean room capability
  • Top notch technical support: our Project Managers are here for you, to provide you with real-time dedicated support.
  • We have your back: As a member of the Johnson Electric family of companies, Nanomotion enjoys an expanded supply chain with unlimited resources.


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