RS08 Rotary Shutter Evaluation Kit


Evaluation kit for the RS08 Rotary Shutter. Nanomotion offers a variety of Evaluation Kits that include a single operating axis with a drive and control and the Nanocommander control interface. These kits support an easy start up, to command the axis via IIC, with all necessary cables and power supplies.




The Shutter Evaluation Kit is provided as an autonomous unit, based on the RS08 NUC (Non-Uniformity Correction) Shutter series solution (read more information on, allowing a simple interface to customer FPGA/PC. The kit supports
two modes of operation: the GUI Mode, and the FPGA Mode. The GUI Mode, enables the
user controlling the kit using the NanoCommander application, installed on user’s PC. The
FPGA Mode enables the user control the kit using the I2C communication.

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