ER-15 Rotary Motor


The ER-15 Rotary Piezo Motor for:

  • Focus/Zoom Modules
  • Shutter and Filter Control
  • Pan & Tilt Modules

Nanomotion’s ER-15 motor leverages the many advantages of our piezo technology, applied in a traditional motor housing. Utilizing a series of piezo elements inside the motor, the ER-15 offers silent motor operation with zero backlash (no gears) and built-in holding and braking without power consumption.

Motors can be provided with a closed back, rear-shaft extension or with a built in rotary encoder. Closed loop operation is supported by Nanomotion’s S775 XCD card, which is a closed loop drive and control module. The S775 can be provided as a small board or chip level based controller for integration into customer electronics



Rotary Piezo Specification Data Sheet

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