AB1A Driver Amplifier

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The AB1A amplifier is a single axis digital driver that can run one or multiple Nanomotion motors in parallel. While operating in a closed loop servo system, the driver works as a velocity amplifier, receiving a +/- 10 volt analog command from the controller. The controller signal translates into AC voltage at 39.6 kHz to run the motor. In an open loop mode the amplifier can receive a signal from an external joystick, providing motion in a continuous or stepping mode.



  • Digital drive handles up to 32 elements
  • +/- 10V input from servo control
  • 2 optically isolated limits
  • Available in Eurocard 3µ format
  • Joystick input for open loop operation
  • Card interface is 48 pin 3 row connector
Amplifier Specs
  • Driving Capability: Up to 32 elements (4 x HR8 motors)
  • Analog Control Input
  • Input Voltage Range: +/- 10V
  • Input Impedance: 10KW
  • Input Low Pass Filter: 2.7KHz
  • Input Sampling Resolution: 10 bits
Physical & Electrical Specs

Physical Specifications

  • Nominal Mechanical Dimensions (WxDxH):150x110x40
  • Weight:450 gr.
  • Mounting options:Desk top/Wall mount

Electrical Specifications

  • Power Input: +48Vdc ± 5%
  • Max Motor Output: 270 to 280Vrms
  • Power Consumption without Load: +48Vdc/0.125A
  • Power Consumption with Max Load: +48Vdc/6.5Amax

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E1, E2, E4, E8, E16, E32