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Rotary and Linear Shutters are used on a wide range of handheld and flight rated thermal imaging devices. Particularly with devices that operate in proximity to the body (head mounted, rifle mounted or hand-held), new requirements tend to incorporate a noise specification. From a military perspective, noise has become a critical issue as these shutters operate in areas where an enemy may be in close proximity.

Piezo Based Rotary & Linear Shutters for Non-Uniformity Correction excel at optimizing SWaP (Size, Weight & Power) while operating silently.

A typical two position bistable solenoid results in excessive power consumption, to break the magnetic latching. This increases the power consumption, often 3 times more than piezo technology, resulting in limited battery life.

Additionally, the high current used to break away the static holding drives the blade into the end of travel with significant force, resulting in high noise levels.

Silent & Efficient

Nanomotion’s Rotary Shutter, based on its ultrasonic piezo technology yields:

  • Smaller form factor than traditional solenoids
  • Silent operation
  • Power efficient solution

The rotary shutter is 8mm in diameter and operates closed loop between sensors, eliminating all mechanical noise. Nanomotion’s piezo technology does not require any additional power to initiate motion and the built-in holding and braking allows the device to sit in position without power consumption.

Nanomotion’s S787 linear shutters have been configured with a moving mass that is less than 1.5 grams of moving mass and 15g total weight.

The S787 linear NUC Shutter operates in the most challenging environments of shock, vibration, and temperature and will actuate 15mm in less than 80msec.

Nanomotion shutters for High Acceleration Force

S864 linear shutter is designed with a split blade to operate under high acceleration forces, typically in guided missile applications. The balancing of the blade allows the shutter to function under 40g of acceleration force and benefiting from all of the advantages that our piezo shutters offer.

RS08 Rotary Shutters are configured with a balanced blade design to facilitate operation under high acceleration forces, in all directions. The standard RS08 can be configured with a balancing mechanism to keep the center of gravity directly over the rotary shutter.

  • Shutter weight = 3grams
  • Switching time = 70msec
  • Travel up to 120°
  • Power consumption to 250mw (only during motion)

Watch Nanomotion’s Rotary Shutter RS08 LQ

Download the Data Sheet

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