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Nanomotion Launches NEW Standard Stage Catalog And Website Quoting

Motion control applications continue to challenge manufacturers to improve performance, lower costs and reduce delivery times. To meet the increasing demands of precision motion control requirements, leveraging standard motion axes can provide an optimal solution in a competitive environment.

Standard stages available for linear, rotary, vertical Z-wedge and tilt/goniometric motion.

Nanomotion FB Stage Catalog - Standard stages for motion control applications

Standard stages for ambient & vacuum/clean environments

While manufactures prefer to avoid the “commodity” label, applications in semiconductor inspection, medical diagnostics and analytical instrumentation can benefit from a diverse offering of standard stages, configurable into unique solutions. Consider a family of standard stages that are offered for ambient and vacuum environments, provide variation in motor speed/force, and can be configured with position resolution to 10nm. And, in addition to performance, consider that these precision stages provide linear, rotary, Z-wedge vertical, and goniometric tilt axes.

Nanomotion has introduced Web-Based quoting for a standard products. Simply select the products to quote, fill out the contact form and submit, for a factory quotation within 72 hours.

Online quotes available for Nanomotion standard stages
Nanomotion FBS075 linear stage with XCDX1 drive control

FBS075 Linear Stage with XCDX1 Drive/Control

Nanomotion FRV vacuum rotary stage

FRV Vacuum Rotary Stage

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Utilizing proprietary technology, Nanomotion designs and manufactures complete motion solutions from start to finish. Read more about Nanomotion.

Nanomotion’s team consists of engineering resources with more than 100 man years of precision motion control experience. The true measure of reliability is to evaluate our motor performance on a system designed and manufactured by Nanomotion.

For more information, please contact Nanomotion by email, call +1 (631) 585-3000, or visit our website.

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