Accessing Knowledge: Core Technology & Its Application

Industry Application

Over the past 25 years, Knowledge Management has evolved from a concept to a significant industry. The industry aims to optimize the process of capturing, distributing and effectively using knowledge. While the vast majority of these initiatives focus on the management of knowledge within an organization, it is just as important that core technology knowledge, related to the application of products is successfully communicated externally.

This newsletter is focused on two recent publications that explain the core technology associated with Nanomotion’s L1,B2, ultrasonic piezo motors and an application that leverages all of its benefits

Core Technology from Nanomotion

Two beams are circulated around the same path, but in opposite directions. A rate of rotation is established and this creates small differences between the time it takes light to traverse the ring between the two different directions. The beam traveling against the rotation experiences a slightly shorter path delay than the other beam. The resulting phase shift (separation between the frequencies) is measured through interferometry, ultimately translating one component of the angular velocity into a change in the interference pattern. The result is a navigation tool that does not utilize GPS.

Product Focus

Nanomotion’s piezo motors are characterized by higher mechanical power density, fast response and direct drive.

These features are extremely beneficial for miniature gimbals. A gimbal based on such motors was developed. Diameter is 58 mm, weight is 190 grams. The gimbal carries two cameras: an IR camera and an HD day camera.

The dynamic performance is as high as 3 rad/sec velocity and 100 rad/sec^2 acceleration. A two axes stabilization algorithm was developed, yielding 80 micro radian stabilization.

For a complete understanding of system designs and performance levels, please contact Nanomotion at or +1 (631)585-3000, or visit


Utilizing proprietary technology, Nanomotion designs and manufactures complete motion solutions from start to finish.

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