The Nanomotion management team is comprised of professionals who have the technical expertise, broad industry experience and leadership capabilities to ensure Nanomotion’s success. Take a moment to learn more about our management team.

  • Oded Sherman
    Oded Sherman General Manager
    Oded Sherman
  • Dr. Nir Karasikov
    Dr. Nir Karasikov CTO & BDO
    Nir Karasikov
  • Alan Feinstein
    Alan Feinstein VP Sales & Marketing & President, Nanomotion Inc
  • Avi Gold
    Avi Gold Finance Manager
  • Gal Peled
    Gal Peled R&D Director
    Gal Peled
  • Shachar Taragan
    Shachar Taragan Director of Operations
    Shachar Taragan
  • Naama Mandler
    Naama Mandler Director of Human Resources
    Naama Mandler