About Us


Nanomotion is a trailblazer in the field of motion solutions, creating systems that meet the demanding requirements of today’s market and anticipate the future. We utilize proprietary technology to design and manufacture integrated motion systems. Our standout feature is our unique ceramic servo motors complemented by our own drivers and controllers. These enable the creation of single and multi-axis motion systems, precisely tailored to your specific application needs.

Our motors are small yet powerful, offering exceptional precision, high resolution, and rapid settling time. They have a dynamic range in both velocity and force, making them highly versatile.

Our design philosophy draws on the principles of piezoelectricity, enabling us to engineer a range of ultrasonic motors with no moving parts, and importantly, devoid of any extrinsic or intrinsic magnetic fields. Even in stall mode, our motors do not generate electrostatic fields. We also have the capability to design and manufacture motors specifically geared towards high volume applications, meeting a diverse array of micro-mechanic specifications.

We are proud of our global presence. Our products are used across the globe, with customers in the
USA, Europe, Middle East, and the Far East. We operate through an extensive network of international distributors based in these regions, allowing us to effectively market and sell our products.

Here at Nanomotion, we are committed to crafting innovative, precise, and adaptable motion
solutions that are perfectly aligned with your unique needs.

Special features of Nanomotion motors:

  • Unlimited travel
  • High resolution
  • Wide dynamic range of velocity (1micron/sec – 500 mm/sec)
  • Fast response time
  • Superior “move and settle” times
  • Compact dimensions
  • Direct drive
  • Nanometer position hold stability at power off
  • Wobble-free motion
  • No intrinsic magnetic field
  • No external magnetic field sensitivity
  • No hysterisis in servo mode
  • Vacuum and Ultra High Vacuum versions available