LS4 Motor


Nanomotion’s family of LS Series motors are available in configurations with 2, 4 and 8 elements. The LS Series provides unmatched resolution for repetitive step and settle applications with zero servo dither when in position. The LS Series is capable of reach step sizes in the few nanometers range with the maximum speed of 50mm/sec.
The LS2 motor offers 2N force, the LS4 motor offers 4N and the LS8 offers 8N force.

LS4 Motor Specs

Maximum Allowable Velocity: 50 [mm/sec]
Dynamic Stall Force: 4 to 6 [N]
Static Holding Force 4 [N] (reference value)
Non-Energized Stiffness 2.3 to 2.8 [N/μ]
Nominal Preload on Stage 36 [N]
Kf 1.6 to 2.4 [N/Volt command] – driver & command dependent
Kfv 30 to 40 [N • sec/m]
Offset 1 to 2 [V] – Driver dependent
Nominal Lifetime 20,000 hours under nominal operating conditions

Maximal Voltage: 125 Vrms, 39.6KHz, sine wave
Maximal Current consumption : 130 mA rms
Maximal Power Consumption : 3.0 W

Ambient Temperature: 0 – 50°C
Storage: -20°C – +70°C
Humidity: 0 – 80% non condensing


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