FBR060 Rotary Stage

Nanomotion’s FBR series of rotary stage provides the most compact footprint for precision rotary motion utilizing our ceramic servo motors, a crossed roller bearing and a non-contact high resolution rotary encoder. A 60mm diameter ring surrounds a precision crossed roller rotary bearing with the option of one or multiple HR2 motors. A variety of encoder resolutions and motor configurations allows the FBR060 to be configured for different speed, force and positioning requirements. FBR060 Rotary Stages are available in standard, vacuum and UHV configurations, offering the lowest profile and smallest available footprint. The top surface can be provided with a traditional top plate for a larger mounting surface and the FBR060 is provided with a through hole in the center to allow for wires or other devices that require a center feed.


Performance Specs

Rotational Velocity:

  • Maximum: 360 deg/sec
  • Minimum: 0.002 deg/sec

Angular Resolution:

  • Standard: 5 arc/sec
  • Optional: 0.5 arc/sec

Positioning Accuracy:

  • 10 arc/sec

Rotational Runout:

  • Standard: 5µm
  • Optional: 2.5µm

Flatness of Rotation:

  • Standard: 5µm
  • Optional: 2.5µm

Load Capacity:

  • 5Kg
Physical Dimensions
Top Plate Dimensions

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