Senior Control Engineer to R&D Department

Job Description

Nanomotion R&D is developing variable motion system based on our proprietary piezoelectric motors. Application are very divers, supporting the semiconductor industry with below 1nm accuracy for wafer handling, BioMED application, optical systems for defence application and space programs. Our system can run at 500mm/sec and converge to <1nm and are fit to take payloads ranging from 30Kg to 0.3gr. The control engineer is responsible for developing, designing, and implementing the core control elements which drive the variety of motion mechanisms that are critical to the function and performance of Nanomotion’s stages. This role will also assist with defining the high-level architecture and detailed control implementation of the mechanical stages. Work leveraging a cross-functional skillset across multiple applicable engineering disciplines (Software, Mechanical, Electrical, Systems, etc) to help solve complex engineering problems.


  1. Research, analyze and design the control system in accordance with product requirements as established from various sources including marketing, manufacturing, reliably, and customer specification documents.
  2. Implement the control algorithm on Nanomotion embedded controller or 3rd party controllers
  3. Document, implement and test applicable design requirements for production. This includes supporting transfer of relevant design output documents, recommended test instructions, and service troubleshooting support.
  4. Collaborate closely and frequently with Embedded Software Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering throughout the product development lifecycle.
  5. Write scripts (NM native language) to support ATP and application specific functions


  1. Bsc. degree in Electronics/ Mechanical/ Aerospace Engineering with Control System as major
  2. Master’s degrees in Control Systems- Advantage
  3. At least 3 years of control development experience, working directly with electro-mechanical control systems
  4. Comfortable programming using MATLAB/Simulink.
  5. Good English verbal and written communications skills.
  6. Experience with common controllers (ACS, ELMO, Delta Tau, Mega F, etc.) – Advantage


Application Form

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