Product Category: Drivers and Controllers

AB Series Driver Amplifiers

Nanomotion offers a wide range of single axis amplifiers to support motor operation in positioning applications. All amplifiers accept +/-10v analog input from any servo controller, with some models supporting an SPI interface. Amplifier configurations support input voltage from 12v, 24v, and 48v depending on the motor configuration and different versions support unique operating features such as DC mode.

XCD Series Controllers

Nanomotion’s XCD is an OEM amplifier & Control board designed for applications using the Edge, Edge-4X and HR series motors. The board level product replaces traditional amplifiers and the servo controller with a small single axis board. The XCD is offered two basic configurations; to support the low voltage Edge motor series and the high voltage HR motor series. Both configurations are programmed via IIC and accept quadrature encoder inputs. (Some XCD applications may be supported by a box level controller that can house up to 4 axes of motion control)

XCD2 Multi-Axis Controller

XCD2 Multi axis amplifier & control board is a dual axis OEM amplifier and control board designed for applications using the Edge & Edge-4X motors. The board level product serves as a dual axis controller and can support a mixture of motor configurations, with multiple Edge motors or multiple Edge-4X motors per axis. The XCD2 also supports Nanomotion’s gyro input for dual axis stabilization. The XCD2 is programmed via IIC and can support quadrature encoder input as well as BiSS.