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Small Electronics Play a Big Role in Motion Control Systems

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Instrumentation and devices continually face the battle of reducing size and simplifying electronics. As this relates to motion control systems that sit at the heart of many instruments and tools, it not only to smaller motion mechanisms, but reducing the size of electronics packaging and simplifying the drive and control components.

For decades, motion control systems use amplifier electronics unique to the motor type and a separate industrial motion controller, which perform a variety of axis control.For decades, motion systems use amplifier electronics unique to the motor type and a separate industrial motion controller, which perform a variety of axis control. These external controllers are often configured with external ‘break out boxes’ with extensive wiring and take up significant space.

Shown top right:
Motion controller in computer
Break-out board for connectivity
(2) motor amplifiers
Power supply
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Nanomotion’s XCD product line was developed to combine the drive electronics with the motion control processor on a small board, offering an extremely compact, high performance solution. The XCD optimizes the performance of our ultrasonic standing wave motors over other controllers and is provided with a simple user interface for set up and testing.

The XCD is being applied in single and multi-axis, OEM applications for:
Focused Ion Beam instruments
Laser Spectroscopy
Hand-held imaging devices
Lidar laser focus

XCD boards are available for the Edge motor and all HR motors.

The XCD for Nanomotion’s HR series is a single axis drive & control with a motor connection. There is a header connection to a mother board that provides power, encoder feedback and I/O in a simple and neat package. Single axis HR board is 50mm x 72mm.

Multi axis XCD boards can easily be combined on a single mother-board.
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