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Simply Couple | Product Focus: ER Rotary Motors

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Simply Couple Traditionally, applying a direct drive motors has required the user to couple the motor to an external bearing structure and position encoder to configure an axis of motion. While mounting is straight forward, this involves an element of electromechanical integration that can be cumbersome and time consuming. Rotary motors have often benefited from the fact that while the motor is a component of the motion system, it is a housed assembly that operates with internal bearings and an integral position encoder. Rotary Piezo Motor Today, there are many applications that can benefit from the operational characticistics of ultrasonic piezo and also leverage the mechanical advantage of a device coupled to the motor shaft. The combination of using ultrasonic piezo in a rotary motor configuration yields significant benefits in:
Lower power consumption
Position holding/braking without power
Elimination of external gearboxes
Silent operation
Significantly reduced motor weight
Increased overall motion performance
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Rotary Piezo Motor Diagram Nanomotion's family of ER motors have been successfully applied to applications in defense applications for optics positioning, filter changers and shutters. The ER15 motor, 15mm diameter, is configured with internal piezo elements and offered with a 4096 cpr rotary encoder or adaptable to external encoders.Motion SystemsParticularly in shutters and filter changers that have used bi-stable solenoids or bi-stable dc motors, the ER15 does not suffer from a current surge to overcome the static holding, making it significantly more power efficient and extending battery life. In addition to defense applications the ER15 is well suited to applications in Semiconductor and Medical equipment where traditional permanent magnet rotary motors are not suitable due to gearing and noise. Linear AssemblyA linear assembly used for positioning an optical device is mounted to a portable mechanism and must hold position under 30g's of vibration. Using a rotational version of a Nanomotion motor, coupled to a screw, we provide significant weight reduction and the ability to function under high vibration while holding position.
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About Nanomotion
Utilizing proprietary technology, Nanomotion designs and manufactures complete motion solutions from start to finish. Using our unique ceramic servo motors, drivers and controllers, Nanomotion creates single and multi-axis motion systems that best suit the needs of your application. Nanomotion provides superior motion solutions based both on the level of performance required in today’s marketplace, and future market needs. LinkedIn  Find Nanomotion at LinkedIn.
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