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Mini Motors for Endoscopes and Gastro-pills | Biomedical Applications

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The ability to improve image quality, inside the body, is critical for doctors’ to make good diagnostic decisions and improve treatment. Because of this, significant development activity with mini motors is utilized to improving video/image acquisition of devices such as endoscopes, gastro pills, and other tools. esophagusIn addition to improving image quality, procedures to reduce invasive surgical procedures are being utilized to minimize the impact to the body. NOTES (Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery) procedures are focused on improving surgical safety and precision. NOTES procedures use an existing body opening for the initial point of access to the abdomen, eliminating an incision and reducing changes of infection and pain. The establishment of NOTES procedures and trends towards improving image quality is driving the need for miniature optical mechanisms and mini motors that can adapt to the tip of and endoscope, or even fit inside the tip of and endoscope. These modules consist of small devices with moving lenses for zoom and focus capability.
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5mm - 16mm long moduleA 5mm diameter x 16mm long module capable of providing zoom and focus, can fit inside the tip of an endoscope. This module is driven by two of Nanomotion’s miniature piezo elements and supported by our ASIC driver. Nanomotion’s miniature motors can be used to configure a wide range of small devices for moving lenses, actuating tweezers, or controlling other types of manipulators. Gastro PillOr… When the use of an endoscope is undesirable, there are other mechanisms, such as a "Gastro-Pill" that consists of a capsule that contains a miniature camera and a sub-miniature, 4mm long motor for focusing the camera. The pill is designed to travel through the body, taking thousands of pictures, ultimately passing through.
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Optical module that turns (vertebra)
Optical module that turns (vertebra). Watch this video.
Endoscope in operation
Endoscope in operation. Watch this video.
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Utilizing proprietary technology, Nanomotion designs and manufactures complete motion solutions from start to finish. Using our unique ceramic servo motors, drivers and controllers, Nanomotion creates single and multi-axis motion systems that best suit the needs of your application. Nanomotion provides superior motion solutions based both on the level of performance required in today’s marketplace, and future market needs.
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