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Nanomotion Piezo Motors to Lighten Your (Pay)Load

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Lighted Your (Pay)Load AircraftsToday, both manned & unmanned aircraft carry a variety of payloads, often including a dome with electro-optical sensors. Whether the vehicle is gas or battery powered, there is always sensitivity to the total weight and power consumption required. Payloads can range from a single miniature camera in a 50mm dome up to large 500mm (20") diameter carrying 6 to 8 different sensors. The ability to minimize size and weight, while providing the necessary motion control is essential to extending flight time and functionality.
Product Focus
Product Focus
From a motion perspective, gimbal designs must take into account:
1. Environmental factors such as temperature range along with shock & vibration.
2. Pointing accuracy and repeatability based on the desired field of view.
3. Drive system for pan & tilt, based on the necessary travel, speed, continuous rotation, operating footprint, and power consumption
Nanomotion's building blocks, consisting of the drive system, motion control, and gyro stabilization are supporting flight applications in a wide range of dome sizes. In the larger domes, the Edge motor provides shutter/aperture control and auto focus capabilities. In the smaller domes, the Edge and Edge 4X motors provide the core pan and tilt motion to drive the payload. The flexibility of small motors that do not consume power at rest, provide built in holding and braking, and eliminates the need for gearing, provides an optimum solution for flight applications. Moreover the speed and response time of Nanomotion’s piezo motors support gyro based active stabilization, yielding the best image results.
Edge Motors
Edge Motor Motor weight = 0.55g Motor force = 0.3N thrust Edge 4X Motor Motor weight = 2.0g Motor force = 1.2N thrust
Pan & Tilt Drive Surface Ceramic rings of 40mm, and 60mm diameters Ceramic disks of 20mm, 30mm, 40mm and 60mm. (other sizes available) The Edge and Edge 4X motors are supported with both board and chip level motion controllers that can be easily integrated into customer electronics.
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About Nanomotion
Piezo Drive Miniature Gimbal
Watch a video of a piezo driven miniature gimbal, designed for moving a camera in pan & tilt.
About Nanomtion
About Nanomotion
Utilizing proprietary technology, Nanomotion designs and manufactures complete motion solutions from start to finish. Using our unique ceramic servo motors, drivers and controllers, Nanomotion creates single and multi-axis motion systems that best suit the needs of your application. Nanomotion provides superior motion solutions based both on the level of performance required in today’s marketplace, and future market needs. LinkedIn  Find Nanomotion at LinkedIn.
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