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EllipsometryEllipsometry, or Thin Film Measurement, is a critical inspection process in the manufacturing of semiconductor wafers. Various measurement techniques are used to measure the uniformity of layers of material that are applied to a wafer. As the size of the wafer is migrating to 450mm diameter, it is essential to have wafer metrology equipment that can support the required performance over a larger surface area.Ellipsometry is a contactless, non-destructive measurement process that provides the most accurate information about thin film layers on a wafer. It is an optical process that analyzes the change of polarization of light, which is reflected off a sample. While there are several forms of ellipsometry that are used today by the semiconductor and microelectronics industry, the measure process dictates specific motion characteristics for the sample. The Ellipsometry process requires
Absolute position stability during measurement.
No EMI or electrical noise.
High natural frequency with no vibrations.
Ability to step and scan with high positional accuracy.
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Motion Systems Motion SystemsTraditional motion platforms that use either direct drive dc motors or ball screws do not have the ability to hold absolute position stability without the use of an external brake, which will create position hysteresis when actuated. And, if the motors are left on, there is EMI that will often interfere with thin film measurement.Nanomotion’s motion systems, using a direct drive piezo, provides the inherent holding and braking to overcome this obstacle, supporting a greater throughput and better measurement capability. These systems support:
Travel up to 500mm x 500mm for large wafers.
Built in holding and braking for absolute position stability.
Position hold without power, to eliminate all EMI and potential noise issues.
High natural frequency of the structure, to eliminate effects of vibration.
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About Nanomotion
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