When cleanliness counts…


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When cleanliness counts…
Many applications in the Semiconductor and Medical markets are sensitive to several aspects of cleanliness that puts demands on the design and material selection of motion control devices. Whether functioning in a vacuum chamber or in atmosphere, the outgassing of materials and the generation of particles can have a significant impact on optical assemblies. Design, assembly and product testing must take into account a variety of material limitations as well as cleaning processes, assembly, testing and packaging in a suitable environment.

Today, these applications dictate that motion systems are engineered with these requirements in mind. Aside from restricting the selection of materials, linear and rotary motion stages must be able to operate without generating contaminants or particles and in many instances employ methods of sealing. In addition to the product requirements, suppliers must have the appropriate infrastructure to support meeting these demands on a production basis.

Product Focus

Product Focus

Clean Stages

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While particle generation can be major concern, Nanomotion has invested in both product design and organizational infrastructure to develop a family of “CLEAN STAGES.”
These stages are designed specifically with clean materials and a sealing system that can operate with or without the addition of air suction.

In addition to sealing, Nanomotion has worked to optimize the material of our drive surfaces, with specific alumina tips and drive surfaces to eliminate wear and provide long operating life. This development has been supported with infrastructure in clean rooms and particle counting, always tested in the worst case scenario, vertically with the motor directly above the particle counter.

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RGA equipped
High Vacuum System
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Material outgassing is of great concern in many applications where vapors can land on optics and impact performance. Both material selection and appropriate cleaning processes are essential to manage outgassing, and in some instances the baking of product is required.

Nanomotion has developed a series of processes to provide the cleanest motion control solutions capable of meeting the most demanding requirements of Semiconductor customers. These processes include material cleaning with:
• Cascading Solvent Immersion
• Ultrasonic bath
• Detergents
In addition to cleaning, a strict baking process is used to assure specific compatibility for vacuum operation.

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For linear and rotary stage requirements that can support vacuum and atmospheric requirements without outgassing and particle generation, Nanomotion has the clean room, process controls and infrastructure to assure the cleanest stages produced today.


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