The Nanomotion management team is comprised of professionals who have the technical expertise, broad industry experience and leadership capabilities to ensure Nanomotion’s success. Take a moment to learn more about our management team.

Dr. Nir Karasikov — President & General Manager

Dr. Nir Karasikov is Nanomotion’s President & General Manager. Dr. Karasikov joined Nanomotion in 1997. Prior to joining Nanomotion, Dr. Karasikov was involved for many years in various hi tech industries, leading the development of infrared systems, electro-optic systems, laser based metrology systems, security systems, image analysis systems and precision mechanical systems for microscopy. Dr. Karasikov has vast experience in developing and introducing new pioneering technologies into the market and in collaboration with major worldwide corporations. Since achieving his Doctorate in Material Science and Solid State Physics from the Technion, Dr. Karasikov has authored over 20 articles in his field, and has invented and patented applications in electro-optics, inspection and piezoelectric related fields.

Alan Feinstein — Vice President of International Sales

Alan Feinstein is the Vice President of International Sales for Nanomotion Ltd., and the President of Nanomotion Inc. in the USA. Alan joined Nanomotion in 2001, bringing with him 25 years experience in the Motion Control industry, providing sales and engineering support for the application of component level products to complete systems. Previous to Nanomotion, Alan held many high level positions in the motion control industry, including National Sales Manager for Micro Slides Inc., President of the Micro Slides division and Vice President of Anorad Corporation, and Vice President of Technology for Bayside Motion Group. Alan holds four patents in the area of motion control, including Contactless Power Systems, Linear Guide Systems and Slide Assemblies for preloading roller bearings. In addition to a B.S. in Business Management with a Minor in Mathematics and Economics, Alan also participated in executive education at Columbia University, MIT and Harvard, and has received a Certificate of Appreciation from NASA, Johnson Space Center for his work in the design of a new bearing used on the Space Shuttle.